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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We like to give our delivery personnel at least one (1) hour for the entire set-up process of the standard 13x13 bouncers.
A: The customer does have to provide the electrical source for any items that requires electricity.
A: We do rent generator for use. We can also recommend the size of generator needed for your particular rental order.
A: We can provide installation on grass or concrete surfaces. You would have to make sure to let us know the correct surface when renting your equipment, so that we can provide the proper tools for the set-up process.
A: We provide a tarp for every installation to avoid damages to the bottom of the inflatables.
A: NO! ALL inflatables MUST have a complete and clear overhead for everyone’s safety.
A: The rental period is for 24 hours.
A: Deliveries are made between 8am and noon the day of the event date and tear down of the equipment takes place the following day between 8am and noon. If your delivery has to be done at a specific time, please contact our office with your request.
A: We can only provide water for dunk tanks and water barrels used for tents at an additional cost. If you are renting a water slide or any inflatable with water needs, you will have to make sure and provide the hose and water source for that unit. Please contact our office with any questions pertaining to water needs for dunk tanks and water barrels for tents.
A: We do offer staffing for our events at an additional cost. Please inquire with our office for staffing costs on your particular order as each rental item is different to staff.
A: We require an electrical outlet within 100ft from the set-up location that is able to pull 9 amps of power or more. We do provide a 100ft extention cord for power.
A: All of our inflatables are cleaned before and after each use. We make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize each item.
A: We are licensed and Insured to be able to install our equipment at park locations. Most parks don't allow use of their electicity. If your event is taking place at a park, you will need to check with the park on electrical usage or rent a generator through our company for use. Our generator rent at a reasonable price.
A: All of our equipment is on a first come, first serve basis. Please be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible. Our equipment is very popular and often book weeks and even months in advance. For your convenience, we offer a couple ways to reserve any equipment. You can call us at 720-427-3597 or submit your order via our website www.GuzmansPartyRentals.com
A: We do accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express.
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